Copywriters can not be replaced by AICopywriters can not be replaced by AI

Recently we heared more and more about AI copywriting.

I know more and more people are thinking copywriting and research is easy. But is it that easy at all? Copywriters and researchers can not do anything only choose a topic and write about it. Right?

Well, that is not the case.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and skill of crafting persuasive written content to

  • engage,
  • inform, and
  • influence the target audience.

Goes beyond simply choosing a topic and writing about it.

Copywriters employ creative thinking, research, & a deep understanding of the target audience to develop compelling messages that drive desired actions.

Effective copywriting requires the ability to

  • communicate effectively,
  • capture attention,
  • build trust, and
  • ultimately persuade readers to take specific actions.

Copywriting ann researching not just writing down some sentences, but a real work.
Not just a real work, but a whole workflow or system. It needs to be created around copywriting if you think seriously and having a digital marketing strategy.

Then better if you put in the work and effort.

Copywriting is not easy

Well, just because I write down workflows you will not be able to do copywriting. Maybe some of you can, but you can not replace the years of hard work & experiences. It takes that much time to create workflows which work well. And when industry trends change you just need to align your workflow to it.

You can try to use other’s skills, and tools, but that does not mean it will work for you that effectively as it works for myself or for others who are working in copywriting.

It might lead you or can help you to lead through on a journey.

Although to really understand the whole system, you need to practice it 100s or 1000s of times. And probably find your own solutions which works for you the best.

And this is not 2 minutes.

Why do we need copywriters if we have AI?

I am pretty sure you do not think you need any copywriter if you can use AI.

However, if you just follow the recent industry trends and news, then you will realize very fast that is not the case. Not just you but companies and search engines follow and not just follow but generate trends!

Some industry news regarding the latest algorithm changes

  • according to Google “the reviews system works to ensure that people see reviews that share in-depth research, rather than thin content. That simply summarizes a bunch of products, services or other things.”
  • according to Linkedin “It’s system is now evaluating whether a post contains knowledge and advice. Then showing it to other users who are likely to find the information relevant and useful.”
  • some other latest news regarding Facebook‘s algorithm change.

I could continue with other social media sites, but that is what the job of copywriters. To stay on top of their game and follow industry trends.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!

Copywriting with AI

This means it is not enough nowadays if you ask AI to write a copy for you. As your copy needs to have deep insights regarding different topics, and if

  • you do not care or
  • not researching after a topic well,

unfortunately you will not be able to write insightful copies.

Since you are not able to build up deep knowledge from general statements with some data. The copy needs to be in-depth, insightful or personalized. You or your company need to put in the work and effort to create those compelling copies.

Your post will be ignored fast

So if you thought AI will help,

then yes partly it can, but if you will not put in the work/effort, research and the plus. Then search engines and social media sites will literally ignore your whole copy, blog post, and social media posts.

No one will care, and not just no one will care, but no one will find it, which is a problem.

If you want to create a long-lasting effect, it is important to rank high in search engines on keywords, which are relevant, and for this you need originality.

Since search engines generate trends and lately their ranking algorithms changing, just like the world is changing too. This means for you that writing only something with AI won’t be enough anymore.

Even if that sounded good for the very first time… xD

How copywriters work at all?

Copywriting and research demand expertise & experience. Skilled copywriters and researchers uncover insights, analyze markets, understand psychology, and tailor messages. Their expertise creates engaging content aligned with the brand’s voice and objectives.


By researching information to get deep insights regarding different topics, researching the topic, the competitor’s products, keywords, solutions. Researching how to write those blog posts in order to mirror your product’s market postioning and etc.

Here is a workflow to research:

  • Define your goals.
  • Identify your target audience
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Analyze competitor content
  • Create a content plan
  • Optimize content
  • Monitor and analyze performance
  • Stay updated

Yes all of them need to do in an efficient manner in a ways what makes it easy and going through in depth…

AI can help to write, but if your content is not positioned and market fit, no one will care and your product won’t be seen anywhere. So what you really need is instead of AI is

  • knowing your product sell itself,
  • your product is market fit, and
  • position it well on the market,
  • target your audience in a way that they need to be interested and want to know how to get it.

Moreover efficient research is an ongoing process.

Continuously refine and optimize copy based on data-driven insights to achieve better results over time.


They are positioning your product.

It is not enough if your product is a market fit, you need excellent copywriting skills to have and digital marketers, who can position your products and solutions well on the market.

That is not easy and a lot of time it took for ages to do it well.

Keyword research and SEO

The other important thing is keyword research as part of the

  • SEO (search engine optimization) and
  • SEM (search engine marketing) efforts
Keyword research is part of SEO. Tools copywriters use.

Product market fit

This is the is the alignment between a product or service and the needs and preferences of its target market, indicating how well it satisfies customer demands and generates value

  1. Achieving product-market fit requires a deep understanding of customer needs, iterative product development, and continuous feedback loops to ensure that the product resonates with its intended market.
  2. Product-market fit is a dynamic state that can evolve over time,
  • requiring businesses to stay agile,
  • adapt to changing market conditions, and
  • consistently innovate to maintain a competitive edge and meet evolving customer expectations.

Target audience

You need to target audience, but here we not write exactly how, that you can find on the internet.

Some insights is more welcomed on this page, and industry secrets:

  • Psychographic Segmentation: demographics not always enough, consider psychographic factors such as values, beliefs, personality traits, and lifestyle choices.
  • User-Generated Content: encourage audience to create and share content related to your brand, this can build trust over time.
  • Voice Search Optimization: optimize your content with copywriters and voice assistants for voice search by targeting long-tail, conversational keywords aka provide concise, direct answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Emotional Appeal: craft compelling stories and messages with copywriters, this evokes feelings of empathy, excitement, joy, or empowerment, emotional connections drive stronger brand loyalty/engagement etc.

SOP and workflows

It is a lot of work, and creating one copy will not sell anything which means you need to do the same things over and over again and you need to try a lot with different copies as well.

Have a copywriter who are able to do A/B testing.

You need to create workflows, mostly in the beginning.

It is like SOPs (SOP stands for standard operating process), and creating a workflow similar to those. It helps you to create processes/systems which ensure you go through on the same steps over and over again.

If you are lucky you can create automatic workflows.

The picture repesent a workflow which could symbolize how copywriters work. Some workflow can be automatized but not all.

However, not just you are the one who is smart, but people behind search engines too. This means you will need to follow trends and algorithms, which are changing all the time.

So letting go all your copywriters who were

  • working effectively,
  • following industry trends and
  • having top-level performance by always updating their knowledge and crafting their expertise in their work.

This means you were just letting go people who really could help you to convert readers and internet surfers into customers. And could help you in these difficult times when you really need them since algorithms changing quite fast.

So letting those people go is not the best idea ever.

How will we automatize copywriters work?

We won’t.

I guess now everyone who wanted were letting go every copywriter on Earth. Just to realize even if AI entered the industry it will not help on you. Or not the way you think (since everyone using the same solution, which means search engines need to differentiate somehow).

How search engines differentiate?

Oh how smart you are.

Yes, they are chainging & transforming their algorithms, but not just for you, but for everyone else too.

Just like you have been adapting to new AI solutions, which was easy and fast. Now you need to adapt to the changes of the algorithms of search engines in order to be able to rank higher on search engines or rank at all with your keywords.

Next to this try to find out how to write compelling copies all alone with AI, since you were just letting go people who were putting in the effort, research and work.

(It’s like letting go lawyers who can research well, saying AI will solve all my problem, then realizing regulations were changing that much that you will not be able to follow it all alone without the best lawyers who now by the way know you need them more than ever which will make them more precious.)

Demand for copywriters rise

Yes this means you need new copywriters and this means you need to probably pay for them more since there will be high demand. And you know how the supply-demand equation work.

If demand excess supply the prices will rise.

Your copywriters have

  • researched,
  • worked and
  • knew all the things you just do not know.

Now that search engines are changing their algorithms you will realize as a company owner how important to have copywriters. Since next to managing your company you will not have time to make every copy, ad, blogpost insightful and original. Which would mirror your company’s performance, goals etc., because it just not like how this works anymore.

Alternative options are not the solution

No, your recruiter, project manager, data and business analyst not your copywriter.

So telling them do copywriting on the side in this ever changing and evolving domain will not help your business to be more profitable.

Instead of this you start to burden people with tasks, which not their specialty nor their interest. Moreover they not even understand that much as a copywriter could do.

Even if they try to be the best in this it will be not good enough.

Next to this their own work might get hurt due to not doing what they have used to. This can make their own performance worsen, because of the plus tasks you handed them out.

AI generated copies not good for search engines

Aka AI generated copies do not matter anymore to search engines.


Because if everyone is writing the same things then no one will care. People and search engines will realize for the patterns and it will be so boring to read what was generated with AI. What’s matter to search engines is not in your skillset.

It is a skillset of a copywriter who by the way have years of experiences in this domain.

Your skill to manage and operate your company and people, not to start to write copies, and research 24/7 since you will not have time to do this if you are doing other things.

You just do not have that much time on Earth.

Flexibility is the key

Try to save on something else, because if people will not find your company in search engines or social media, then you might need to throw out your whole digital and customer acquisition’s strategy on the window.

AI might help, but if you are not smart enough it will harm you more, than being useful.

Why copywriters have workflows?

To have an effective system which they can use over and over again.

If you have a strategy and needed to ever write down business processes then you have seen a workflow already. Every business have processes how they work. You need to find the most effective way to work, follow and optimize it.

If you can not then you just burn out yourself, people around you, and employees will work without real results, without making revenue or income. ROI is important indicator in the equation.

That is why you have to find out something -> create a workflow/system -> optimize -> use.

The last step is automatizing if you can, but as I told you will not be able to automatize everything. Not just you are the one who is changing processes, but companies too from which you are depending. Which is why you need to follow or adapt to them the best possible way to survive.

How copywriters work (workflow/system)?

By having or creating their own workflow/system in which they can work comfortably. It is a kind of comfortzone which can accelerate the working process. AI will not replace this process.

AI is a tool for copywriting, not a tool to replace them.

AI is a tool for copywriting to work more effectively, but not for company owners to replace copywriters and start to do something in an area they do not have any understanding or expertise.

The workflow of creating copies

Here you can see examples how this can work.

  1. Understanding the brief (target audience, objectives, key messaging, tone of voice, and any specific requirements)
  2. Researching (on the topic, product, or service being promoted; can involve studying relevant industry trends, competitor analysis etc.)
  3. Developing a creative strategy (outlines the main concept, key messages, and the overall approach to be taken in the copy)
  4. Outlining & Structuring (helps to ensure a logical progression of information & a clear call to action)
  5. Writing the first draft (focus on capturing the attention of target audience, conveying key messages effectively, maintaining the desired tone of voice)
  6. Editing & Revising (the copywriting reviews & revises the copy; check for clarity, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; refine the language & structure to improve readability and impact)
  7. Review & Feedback (the copy needs to be shared with relevant stakeholders like clients, marketing teams, editors, for feedback and review. Based on their input, the copywriting process needs to have necessary revisions and incorporates any requested changes). This is the part when insights get into the copy and when the copywriter sharpen the copy. You will not be able to just make this if your copy spit out by AI insightful, writing 3 data into your copy will not make it more insightful.
  8. Proofreading & Finalization (when revisions completed, copywriting need to be finally proofread by the copywriter to ensure accuracy and consistency; this include checking for any remaining errors or inconsistencies).
  9. Submission or Publication (sending the final copy to the client for further implementation, whether it’s for a website, advertisement, email campaign, or any other medium).

AI copywriting not replacing human workflows, but helps

No, unfortunately your AI copy will not be good enough for search engines which algoritms’ have changed to rank higher original copies.

That is what professional copywriting services about and not your marketing manager who have enough work regarding partnership management, social media management, sales funnel analyses and optimization, and on top of that you ask from her/him an Excel about something which your analyst should have to create 2 days ago, but you did not see them in the last 2 days.

So no that won’t work as you thought.

If you are interested read more about AI copywriting in our upcoming articles.

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