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So, let’s start with the basics…

1. Do not fear alone time

You need to spend time with yourself, because if you always around others, then your focus is always disturbed. You will not have a simple creative idea as your energy will be channeled to other people. I do not say do not be with others. However not to fear to be alone, you need to spend a certain amount of time with yourself. Try to enjoy it & do not feel you just waste it.

2. Do not dwell on the past

Thinking on the future or the past do not help. Never did and never will. You want to reach your goals for example being strong/stronger mentally?

You need to DO things NOW to reach goals. Most results do not come easy and you need consistent work the present to achieve goals in the future.

Not for 1 day…, but everyday…

3. Do not feel the world owes you

If you think you are amazing and everyone should behave as you expect.

Then you either never get used to rejections, or you are too young or an egoist. You might think you deserve everything immediately. aybe you are rich that you feel you are entitled. Maybe never ever get out of your comfortzone, or have a narcisstic disorder.

That is not how it works. As I told you need to invest in the work, in some cases for years. In other cases even further, because sometimes after years nothing happens just more rejections…

What I am trying to say is never give up and stay humble. Celebrate your success, but if you want something better in the future improve.

That is your journey

4. Do not expect immediate results

Sometimes you need work for years or decades in order to achieve people to trust in you. Moreover you need to take responsibility for your things…so work on it.

If you do not like the journey, you might consider to give up. However if you want to be mentally strong that is the journey all about.

The journey is about becoming whom you are not. his will certainly change you forever.

It involves a lot of setbacks, rejections, winning over. Conquering new heights and marching ahead to achieve the milestones you want. Bigger goals and higher heights.

5. Do not worry about pleasing everyone

You never be good to everyone. Never.

You do not even like every food, you have a style, and have an idea what you like and prefer.

If not yet, then you will have later on.

So expecting that everyone will like you would be the worst idea.

People will reject you not once or twice, but thousands of times. Do not take it to your heart, accept and move on. With time you will find those who have similar ideas about life.

You will find people who are walking on similar paths like you, or at least like what you are doing. After you will understand why did not work out until that time things in life for you…

6. Do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself

Always accept things as it is, then move on….life is there to live not just staying and doing nothing…

Self-pity is an “amazing” feeling, you can get down with that concept extremely low. If you start to feel sorry for yourself that can take you to the lowest lows.

Aak yourself what is the sense?

Nothing. Move on…

7. Do not waste energy on things you cannot control

There will be a lot of things you cannot control. Focus on what you can control: your feelings, thoughts, emotions, well-being, and activities what you might can…other things not really…

Accept and live with an awareness in your mind that most things you cannot influence. But to be able to move forward, you need to learn and focus on what you can do

8. Do not let others influence your emotions

They will certainlu do from time to time…., but strive for not letting this most of the time. If you allow others to influence you, then you have lost in some things already. Maintain a healthy balance in your life.

Influence yourself to be better, make better decisions, learn. Do not let others to influence you only if those people are motivating.

Otherwise let people go or just simply avoid them. Life is much easier and happier

  • if you have energy for people you like,
  • things you want to try,
  • activities, which the most important for you.
How to be mentally strong?

9. Do not resent on other people success

You have no idea what people did in the past to achieve what they have achieved & have now…

Comparing not helps. You do not know where others started their journey, how lucky they were. How others have achieved whatever they did.

Focus on your own journey, keep yourself to your core values, then thinking or comparing yourself to others….. Life not easy…and some people luckier, but still, that’s life. So better if you focus on yourself.

10. Do not shy away from responsibilities

After a while you Need To Take RESPONSIBILITY, you can avoid for an exceptionally long time (trust me I know xD), but after a while you either take it or never grow up….so try to take it as soon as possible to be able to understand and know how it works. It starts with you, not with others. You cannot blame others forever for your own life…., so if you want to get ahead, find your path, and became mentally strong, then take responsibilities.

11. Do not give up after the first failure

Did someone reject you? I had more than 5000 rejections….it is a lot of trust me, even if you know you are worthy it still feels not good…, but I survived.

Assume I can do the things I like now, because I did not let these rejections give me a feeling, I am not worthy or want to give up…

Have motivating people around you and connections, or be alone, then everything will be easier

12. Do not fear taking calculated risks

Well risk management? What is that?

That is the essence of everything…

You cannot manage risks from day 1, it is a learning process…and it comes from failures & successes, which means if you are on your journey to be mentally strong, or already are then meanwhile you are becoming one, you realized there will be losses…time, money, people etc.

How to manage risks?

Risks management skills comes with time and experiences as resilience too.

Managing risks means you will know what a calculated risk is and what is not. It means you will understand what you need to calculate in, when you make a decision…

Decision making is a process and only improve with time, and practice. It involves a lot of little decisions you make in order to be able to make bigger decisions. And a lot of practical experiences in order to make good decisions. So time, experiences, already made decisions, and some other things as well….

You need to grow up mentally, be aware, focused and etc.

This is what you can not learn from books at all. Need to make your hands “dirty” in the meaning of doing things.

You need experiences to have self-confidence, self-awareness, practice, knowledge, information and you need the past failures too, otherwise you do not know when something can go in a wrong direction…

Need to know the world, the people quite well and yourself too to be able to manage risks well….

Risks are different for everyone….and with time those are changing for you too….every self-development, and improvement needs time...since life never stops you need to get ahead and take a bit more risks everyday…if your goal to be mentally strong, or stronger than yesterday.

Take calculated risks…test your ideas and after a while it will means that you will have enough life experiences what you have gained throughout your self-development journey to know if the risk is calculated or not, and to take it or not, or if you want to take it at all or not, because of the practical experiences, the failures and successes you have already have.

Life…is a journey not a destination…

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