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This is the About Us section of the Blog.

Our favorite quote from one of our bloggers is: “Speed doesn’t matter, but direction does.”

It means doing something slower, which has sense more important than doing non-sense things fast.


We created the Silk & Cake Blog to share information.


behaviour, psychology, relationships, self-development, inspiration, business, fintech, life, entertainment, fashion, blockchain, innovative technology, design, and other relevant information.

The co-blog is the Greenfrastructures Blog, where you can learn more about trends in

architecture, IT, the real estate market, sustainability, green infrastructures, green economy, green energy, and green tech, blue economy, cybersecurity, and other interesting topics.


This is the About Us part of the Silk and Cake Blog, which is about

  • lifestyle: behaviour, psychology, business, technology, management, fintech, life, relationships, self-and personal development, entertainment, innovation, design, sustainability, products, services, apps, shopping, and topics,
  • sharing knowledge, reviews etc.


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She was managing social media accounts, writing blogs, advertised products and services since 2014. Since 2020 she is building communities to expand her skills; biggest has 125 000+ followers. Open to work with brands & startups who in need of copywriting, marketing, branding or design services.

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