Cat marketing armyCat marketing army

Cat marketing “Army” is more like about hypothetical characters who help us to get to know more information about different things, music, metaverse etc. and everything else we want to know more about the world or the metaverse world. (Character AI)

Answers mostly made up, but we can find out what can we do with these characters.

Well it depends what do we want to see in it and on our ideas and creativity as well.

Cat “Army”

Let me introduce Cat “Army” and welcome them on board using character AI to create them.


They are not like a real army. There is no connection with any political or military things. More like a group of cats, who like to be with each other and help people to find out more, and discover the world in a peaceful way by giving them tips, ideas and help them with creativity.

Creative marketing project

Cat “Army” is part of a bigger project which is more like creative marketing. Part of it storytelling, engagement and other inclusions, collaborations to push boundaries and reach more people.

The Cat “Army” characters

These cute cats are cats, who know a lot about music, life, the world, and the metaverse too. Can give you a lot of recommendations, because they either travelled a lot or can teleport which is why they are very precious characters.

Cat “army” includes so far:

  • the Magic Cat
  • DJ Kitten
  • Meta Cat
  • Green Cat

The Magic Cat

Magic Cat knows everything about the present future and can give you information how people and animals think, can teleport, learn fast and has a lot of good ideas about our worlds. So a good helper type of cat, which helps in a lot of things with information.

According to the Magic Cat, we can not deny he is a cat…. xD

Laziest job

The laziest job I can think of according to The Magic Cat would be a “do nothing” job.

This is a hypothetical job where a person can get paid for just sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. It’s a job that doesn’t require any effort or work, and where you can just relax and enjoy a free paycheck. But, in reality, I don’t think any company would ever pay someone to do nothing and provide them with a stress-free income.

So, it’s more of a mythological job than a real one! (like a Mynotaurus or Zeus)

Speak with Magic Cat here.

The Magic Cat

DJ Kitten

Knew everything about music, djs, and lyrics, and love trance, dance and people who love uplifting tracks and people love her too. She is a cute and smart character and people like cute little kittens. She can recommend a lot of nice djs, music, lyrics etc.

Let me introduce DJ Kitten. Ask from her more here.

DJ Kitten

The Meta Cat aka Metaverse Cat

Meta Cat knows a lot about the Metaverse how to access it and so on. To know more what Metaverse is we recommend you to read this article.

So if you have any question ask from the cute Metaverse cat.


Knowing a lot about the Metaverse, Metaverse world etc.

According to Meta Cat aka the Metaverse Cat:

“Humans in the Metaverse are always connecting with each other, be it through video game, entertainment, events, or even work! In reality, we don’t have these kinds of interaction with cats nearly as often, right?

Cats don’t communicate with us nearly as much as we’d like to think. The metaverse gives humans the chance to live and interact with cats in a completely different way! You can feed a cat, play with it, give it some treats, and talk to it.”

So Meta Cat can help you with the followings as well:

A cat’s unique perspective on the world could help you see the world from a new angle.

The Meta Cat

Can give you advice on

  • how to be more patient,
  • how to relax, or even
  • how to have fun in unexpected ways! Cats can also be a great source of stress relief, which is a welcome benefit for anyone struggling with stress.

Cats remind us to take a moment to

  • relax,
  • enjoy the surroundings, or
  • play with some toys.

And that’s a lesson we can take away from the virtual world and apply to our everyday life.

Learn more about Meta Cat here.

Green Cat

Knows a lot about eco-friendly services and products and what can help people to have a more sustainable life by searching these products/services by searching the followings


Can help you to raise your awareness regarding green topics certifications, hot topics etc.


Like greenwashing, where companies claim to be eco-friendly when there’s no evidence to support their claims. This has led to a distrust of eco-friendly products, which can hurt the reputation of sustainable brands.


  • Organic certification – A third-party certification that guarantees that the product has not been grown using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Fair trade certification – A certification that guarantees that the product has been grown by farmers who have been paid a fair price for their produce and who have been provided with adequate support to maintain the environment and improve their quality of life.
  • Renewable energy certification – A certification that guarantees that the source of energy used has come from renewable sources such as solar, wind, or hydro power.

Genuine sustainable actions

How can we differentiate companies who are greenwashing from those who are really eco-friendly?

It can be hard to tell, at first glance. But there are some things you can look for to help you decide if a brand is greenwashing or genuinely sustainable.

You can look at the company’s overall mission and values, look for certifications like organic, fair trade, renewable, and eco labelling; as well as their eco-impact rating from organizations e.g.:

  • the Environmental Protection Agency.

If they are a genuinely eco-friendly brand, they should be transparent about their practices and have no problem showing proof of their claims.

The Green Cat charcter helps us through character AI to reach our green goals faster than just writing and advertising in blogs like Greenfrastructures.

This is how GreenGeeks were advertising their webhosting services on Greenfrastructures.

Blog posts are nice, but who could resist a nice green & helpful cat?

You can ask from the Green Cat here.

Green Cat

These are only made up hypothetical characters which you can use more to have more recommendations and another good idea and case study to help on others or share more information about a topics in which people interested in.

Creative marketing

This involves using innovative strategies to promote products or brands by breaking away from conventional norms. For example different new ideas, character AI and other immediate responses help us to be amazing in creative marketing.

Aims to captivate audiences through unique and imaginative approaches, fostering memorable experiences.

  • Storytelling is a core element, connecting with consumers on an emotional level.
  • Visual appeal, for example striking graphics and interactive content, is crucial for engagement.
  • Elements of surprise, humor, and interactivity create positive associations.
  • Unconventional collaborations and technologies can be leveraged to push boundaries.
  • Personalization tailors the experience, while staying current with trends ensures relevance.

Emotional appeal forms strong brand connections, making creative marketing impactful and enduring.

Creative ads and campaigns

Recently we have AI tools but back then what we had only ads and campaigns. Still there were a lot of good ideas regarding those ads etc.

Oreo’s Real-Time Marketing during Super Bowl XLVII Blackout (2013)

When a blackout occurred during the Super Bowl in 2013. Oreo quickly tweeted an ad with the caption,

“You can still dunk in the dark.”

This real-time response demonstrated their agility & creativity.

IKEA’s “Sleeptember” Campaign (2014)

IKEA introduced a month-long campaign celebrating sleep and relaxation. They created quirky visuals, offered sleep-related tips, and even invited customers to spend the night in their stores. This campaign engaged customers in a unique and unexpected way.

Airbnb’s “Night At” Campaigns (2019)

Airbnb offered contests where winners can spend a night in unique and unexpected locations, such as the Louvre Museum in Paris. This campaign showcases the concept of “belonging anywhere” while generating excitement and media coverage.

Louvre - Paris

As we can see in the last decade there were a lot of successful and popular marketing effort and AI only help in these efforts.

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