sustainable digital marketing services like a treesustainable digital marketing services like a tree

The digital marketing services what Silk and Cake & Greenfrastructures blogs and its social media accounts are meant to provide the following services:

  • content marketing,
  • creative marketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • online branding and design (e.g.: brand awareness etc, Go Green design shop)

Content marketing

It involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to

  • attract,
  • engage, and
  • retain a target audience.

It encompasses creating various types of content, for example

  • blog posts,
  • articles,
  • videos,
  • podcasts,
  • whitepapers,
  • case studies, and more.

The goal of content marketing is to provide value to the audience by

  • educating,
  • entertaining,
  • inspiring them.

This form of marketing aims to

  • build trust,
  • establish thought leadership, and
  • drive profitable customer action over the long term aka generate leads.

While social media platforms utilize to distribute content, content marketing extends beyond social media and encompasses other channels such as websites, email marketing, SEO, & more.


We all know that without clear goals & strategies not any business or project can reach its goals and revenues and we all know if we want to see results we need to go through on different steps, get the work down and measure the results as well.

To be specific, we need clear strategy ahead and implementation to reach the results.

We need to know

  • what have already done,
  • what could be done, and
  • what we need to do as the next step.

If we are not able to define and determine goals we won’t be able to achieve them, and we can not be able to implement the next steps.

Strategy won’t work without clear goals in mind, which is why strategy and creation of a strategy is one of the most important step to reach our goals.


Clear strategy can help us and lead our hands to implement different steps and actions what needs to be implemented and done to achieve our goals. This even it is there on a paper, document or in front of us on a computer screen, not always that easy as it seems.

Especially if we have never tried, never did, and never thought we need to do. We have to get out of our comfortzone and start to do things we have never done, to get the results we want to see.

We all know how difficult this could be and how many people need help in this.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing means marketing on social media platforms.

There we are able to promote a brand, product, or service and generate demand/leads.

Involves creating and sharing content specifically tailored for social media channels with exact goals in mind. It matters when & how the content is shared, is that relevant with the product, and services, and the tone of voice fit to our audience or not etc.

The primary focus of social media marketing is to engage & interact with the target audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The content shared on social media include a mix of text, images, audios, videos, infographics, polls etc.

Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Content marketing can be part of Social media marketing.

However, content marketing can be much broader in terms of creating content and advertising it.

As content can be shared not just on social media platforms, but on different

  • websites,
  • blogs too.

Which is why we usually have a much wider range of digital marketing tools than those who utilize only social media or other traditional tools, if we work with blogs, websites, and other tools & channels.

Digital Marketing

Here to make strategies work

The founder of this blog here to help.

Having extensive knowledge in digital marketing, social media, data analyses and brand development. We all know some strategies work well for one company and other strategies to others, but there is no two exact same cases as it all depends on the company’s unique goals & audience.

Working with companies who already have an idea

  • whom they want to reach out,
  • what the message they want to share, and
  • knowing their goals can accelerate the process a lot

as this means we will know what tools we need to use in order to

  • create the strategy, reach their goals and achieve success.

Some companies and start-ups

  • want to expand brand awareness,
  • while others want to generate leads, or
  • been recognised digitally and

we are here to help them to

  • create the digital footprint they need to be known and popular in the digital world,
  • create the strategy which needed to be known to generate demands/leads and
  • implement the strategy with different tools and methods and creativity.

The founder of this Blog has several years of experiences testing & implementing digital strategies successfully regarding content, and social media marketing, brand development, and lead generation.

What differentiate our services from the rest?

We are here to help to create, build and implement content marketing & social media strategies in different ways, not just through the “traditional methods”.

Blogs and guestposts on different websites can help new companies and companies with low digital footprints to gain recognition faster since it does matter

  • when and
  • how products/services advertised;

furthermore on which channels and how long-lasting the effect is.

Creative marketing

Read more about our creative marketing efforts in the Cat “Army” article, which is more about creative marketing and how cats help us to make our marketing efforts more effective.

Innovation and sustainability


Here it means created and utilized many other times.

Anytime this blog is referred, then your link or post on this blog will be more preciou since the blog itself operate as a digital tree which is growing with time.

Sustainable development means the growth might slow first but sustainable, however with more resources it can scale up faster and with time it can expand fast.

Blog is symbolized as a digital tree

The more times the blogs:, will referred, the more times your links & post will have a chance to be found, discovered, shared by

  • influencers,
  • search engines.

The more times the blog shared the more chance your link, post, ads shared and found especially if they are on the blog’s homepage.


There are several metrics, which will be increasing with time and help to have more chance to be found organically like

  • keywords
  • backlinks,
  • optimization,
  • other metrics and proper maintenance of a blog/website.

It means we can

  • write a guespost about your company, brand, services, product, and advertise it, or
  • share a post as an introduction and you can use this as your introduction/landing page etc., or
  • share your website’s/blog’s/brand’s link on the blog with an introduction, or
  • make a service/product/brand review as an affiliate partner.

You do not need to create a website or a landing page just to spend thousands of dollars on this, and your precious time, as we can

  • create this for you or
  • give you alternatives

like introduce your company, product, brand or services on posts and advertise it on our pages, accounts

You can re/use the post/link anytime you want as you will have the link (length of time is part of further negotiation regarding the marketing strategy).

Branding & Design services

Obviously we can help you to create a website if you in need as we are here to help to create and build

  • sustainable & innovative brand,
  • brand awareness and
  • their designs too.

Here are 3 examples for innovative and sustainable design (UX, website, and fashion) and brands what we created and helped its growth on the blogs, and social media.

Values & Mission

Our digital marketing brand’s values are

  • innovation
  • sustainability

Part of our values is to

Buy less is part of our values

which is why, just to have your services on a website and your opening and closing time it has no sense to create a whole new website.

That is not sustainable.

Instead you can advertise it on our blogs -> get a link -> share where you want to (reusable).

Our mission to maintain sustainability and create opportunities to save time, money and energy by creating methods which can be reused, providing services, which can be renewed too.


Global accessibility

The team of the

  • Silk and Cake and
  • Greenfrastructures blogs

is here to help those, who want to showcase their products/services/brand not just locally, but globally since we have a global outreach.

Blogs are available worldwide, which is why content on those blogs are available worldwide too.

Services we provide

If you have these thoughts in your mind and not sure how to solve, then we are here to help:

  • I have a nice product/service, but should advertise to people in Utah, California, UK, Australia,…. (Yes, we can help in this).
  • We don’t have enough reviews on the product/services, can you help? (No problem, we can help).
  • We have a mobile app, but people do not know it exists… (Yes, we can find out the strategy.)
  • We do not have any introduction or a website(Yes, we can help, even without creating your own website, since we have blogs, where you can advertise your products/brand/services etc…)
  • I have a website, but no one interested in it… (Yes, we can help, since these blogs and other tools we use have real outreach worldwide and operate 24/7.)

Using our digital marketing services and creating a strategy to your exact needs will help.

Services we not provide

Obviously we not provide any services which against any national or international laws. Read more about the blog’s Terms of Service, Cookie Policy, and the Privacy Policy.

Other Digital Services

Moreover Silk and Cake, and Greenfrastructures blogs can be utilized by different ways e.g.:

  • Showcasing your expertise regarding products, services or a brand in a post/introduction.
  • Sharing your case study & success story, which makes brands feel more welcomed
  • Helping brands to expand/enter into new markets from other parts of the world
  • Generating demands/leads to products, services and brands
  • Optimizing blog posts/website for SEO
  • Engaging with the audience through comments and responses
  • Creating partnerships, and business netwoking opportunities.

Next to this

  • digital growth strategies and
  • big data analyses help us to identify from where traffic reach us, even though we know where we are targeting, it not always comes from that source.

Let us know if you are interested in our digital marketing services


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