Consistent positive actions build trust over time, reinforcing the sincerity of one's intentions.Consistent positive actions build trust over time, reinforcing the sincerity of one's intentions.

A very interesting question and would be good if more people would ask this from themselves like really How do you know if a stranger has good intentions? Watch actions to find out intentions.

Communication and Intuition


  • You have to listen to your intuition which is your soul intelligence and means of communication. Use your gut instinct if you are not well connected with your intuition. Flight and fight can be triggered there. The worst way is to use your logic. Your logic is easily fooled by lies and false appearances. /Answered by Melinda Siebold/

  • You don’t, until they prove it or your intuition tells you so. Pay attention to your intuition. It’s saved many people. Learning to differentiate common fear from intuition if important for this very same reason. /Answered by Leta Rosetree/

  • It’s sometimes really difficult to tell these days, some would be so kind to only surprise you down the line that they were pretending or studying you first. It’s safe to be cautious around strangers than be sorry. /Answered by Chris Makuru/


In reality this means:

Consistent positive actions can build trust over time, reinforcing the sincerity of one’s intentions.

What are positive actions?

The following are good examples about good intentions

  • engaging in acts of kindness,
  • demonstrating empathy,
Demonstrating empathy is a kind of positive action which can be a good example for good intentions.
Demonstrating empathy is a positive action which can be a good example for good intentions.
  • consistently supporting others are positive actions that contribute to building trust over time.


  • genuine sincerity,
  • unwavering honesty, and
  • a steadfast commitment to respect punctuate positive actions,

forming the bedrock of trust in any meaningful relationship.


  • fostering open communication,
  • actively listening, and
  • demonstrating a genuine willingness to understand others are positive actions

that underscore good intentions, promoting a harmonious and collaborative environment.

That does not mean doing one act of kindness and posting on Instagram or any other social media is enough to prove. It means consistent positive actions.


Do research regarding people and social connections

Skills you need first:

  • Searching information
  • Attention to details
  • Taking notes on important information
  • Problem solving
  • Watching their actions
  • Very good conversation skills

Learn to use tools to communicate results better if needed e.g.: programming, data visualisation, etc.


  • Plan your questions
  • Know your sources: reliable sources and analyse information
  • Learn advanced search techniques e.g.: in search engines
  • A lot of practice on small projects, even in communication with others.

Actions build trust over time

Experts from Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania have different answer for that question. If you are interested in the topic further, then I recommend you to read this article: Should you ever trust a stranger?

Building trust over time with positive actions can show the real intentions of people.
Building trust over time with positive actions can show the real intentions of people.

It is not just about fears, but even how to build trust over time, which is essential through positive actions e.g.: in business and personal relationships too. You need observation, proper boundaries and time. Although always pay attention to red flags.

You know your boundaries, but it still important to watch actions instead of just words of others.

If you can, then create different levels of boundaries or zones and not share everything with everyone. If you have kids please tell them to pay attention as not just friendly people are existing out there, still it is important to be positive and think the connection will be a good one.

To read more about this topic I recommend a book, which help you to Read People Like a Book, and explain you How to Analyze, Understand, and Predict People’s Emotions, Thoughts, Intentions and Behaviour written by Patrick King.

Personal relationships

How do you know if a person has good intentions in the beginning of a relationship?

Obviously, everyone can be fooled.

You are not able to know always ahead.

We cannot provide a universally good answer, but there are signs. Although signs in texting cannot alter real life connections and experiences.

The following are good signs:

  • The person is consistent.
  • Playing “hot and cold” is not part of the behaviour pattern.
  • Being a little shy around you.
  • Makes plans and actually sticks to them.
  • Makes you feel special.
  • Opens up to you.
  • Introduces you to his friends and family.
  • Not afraid of PDA (public display of affection) etc.

How to tell whether someone wants to manipulate you?

Not easy to tell.

The questions are to ask

  • How selfish they are?
  • Would they sacrifice them or their relationship with them to get something for themselves?
  • Are they concerned with the welfare of other people that are significant in their life such as parents, siblings and friends?

If this person is materialistic, or seeks pleasure, or not disciplined, or has any track record of manipulating or using others these are all red flags.

If they are spiritual, committed to people in their life that are significant, want more out of a relationship than sex, and would put those they love before their own personal needs, then it has a much lower chance that the person wants to use/manipulate you.

Always analyze the signs and the red flags, because red flags are always there even when you don’t want to realize for them.

They are always there, and they are always red!


Furthermore, watch their actions as actions speak louder than words, so if a stranger is trying to manipulate you then they will be aggressive or passive aggressive.

Another sign that is not a good one from a stranger if they are trying to condition you to behave in a way, which favorable to them.

It means they might say I like a more easy-going or relaxed people and although this is not a bad personality trait if you are more anxious type in your daily routine or mood then this is a manipulation as they want to change you to be more relaxed. If they want to manipulate in this, then they might want to manipulate in other things too.

Positive behaviour or personality trait only positive if you apply changes on yourself and not trying to force it on someone else for example not a stranger want to change you to be this or that kind of person.

If you don’t want to change yourself, but others want to change you then that’s manipulation too.


People who don’t want to manipulate you will accept who you are and will appreciate you with all of your failures. Don’t want to change you and saying they just want good for you. That’s not freedom. That’s manipulation.

All in all, if you are cautious, you will understand eventually how it feels to be around with a person who behave in a way what is comfortable for you and accept you who you are.

To learn more about Behaviour please follow the link.

Big numbers game

Even if you watch actions and build trust over time, this does not guarantee that the other person not only with you because other things and do not want to scam later on.

So trusting in anyone blindly has no sense.

Risk will be always there.

However dig yourself under a rock and staying there has no sense either since in those times you will not learn anything about life, which is why you will not resilient and will not be able to learn anything about life, which several times can lead you to negative experiences. If you have no idea about life.

It is better if you are always have some awareness if you are meeting a lot of people you can probably meet scammers and cheaters too, which is why no sense to just trust in anyone blindly.


One of the worst thing you can do is overprotecting to your kids, or anyone around you since this can lead them to be naive and no idea how the outside world works. A lot of people stay in their “Happy, Go, Lucky” form, but this does not guarantee unluck will avoid them.

Which is why better if you let them learn from real life experiences, than close them inside, since later on this could lead to scams and worse problems.

Try to be realistic regarding life.

If you want anyone to depend on you, this might make them incapable of living alone, and this not good to these people at all. Have read some story when these “happy, go, lucky” people were not able to differentiate between good and bad guys and this lead them to troubles, so doing this is not the best idea ever.

If you scared in life go and live under a rock, but do not have the same effect on others life, because if you have responsibility regarding your family or kids at least do not make their life worse!

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