How to calm down when you are stressed out? 10 Effective Techniques to Calm Down and Relieve Stress InstantlyHow to calm down when you are stressed out? 10 Effective Techniques to Calm Down and Relieve Stress Instantly

We found some advice for you how to relax and how to calm down when you are stressed out or upset:

  • Breathing. I focus all my attention on my breath, notice when I’m breathing in and when breathing out and that slight pause in-between. I focus on where I feel it most.
  • Music and dancing also. If I let go and feel the music, let it carry me, I can step out of my head for a time. Both are a type of meditation. Instead of going around in circles, I break from the pattern.

When people tell me I’m out of my mind, I take it as a compliment and say it takes practice. 😉

Stay happy, healthy, and safe”


Written by T. Goldenthal

  • “Well, the truth is… most of the time it is someone close to me (a special person) thats what makes me calm whenever I’m stressed out and couldn’t do anything right…
  • We all need someone on our side to rant to, to get help… but also let us not hold onto them for things such as this, things like this… we need ourselves more. We all need to know that the only person that can help us ourselves, we have to learn about ourselves and our emotions so that we’re able to be okay.”

Written by Nicole

• Thinking about what I can control about the situation as opposed to what I can’t.

• Always working toward solutions and not just thinking about or planning them. Do something productive. It’s the best remedy to frustration.

• Eat nutrient-dense animal foods. Proper nutrition is a top for handling stress with a level head.

Written by Uknown

More techniques

  • Deep breathing.
  • Inhaling lavender.
  • Massage.
  • Lift weights.
  • Take a nap.
  • Sunbathe.
  • Sun gazing.
  • Grounding.
  • Listening calming binaural sound waves.
  • Outdoor sports like football, hiking, surfing, skiing, running, team sports, kite surfing, kayaking, cycling, dog walking, sky diving, sailing, swimming etc,
  • Going for a walk or run to be active. Activity helps keep the body’s systems clean and is anti-depression.

Written by Jake Smith

Distraction or meditation

Should I use distraction or meditation to calm my mind?

Make sure it involves something that engages the senses. This makes it easier and more enticing to remain absorbed in the distraction.


Some suggestions:

  1. Build or create something. This may include cooking/baking something. If you do it with the intention to give it or serve it to someone else that’s even better.
  2. Painting and drawing, writing a diary, blog, book, poetry etc.
  3. Sport, exercises, martial arts, hiking etc.
  4. Tend to your garden, plant new plants or trim/shape old ones.
  5. Challenge yourself to ice-cold showers. Go in and stay in (for a minute) and out (for a minute) and repeat 10 times.
  6. Go for a fully engaging exercise like high intensity interval training.
  7. Watch something you know you enjoy and is funny.
  8. Help someone and make sure you leave them happy.
  9. Spend 10–20 minutes focusing on your breath and connecting with your body and inner energy. Many different breathing techniques are freely available online.
  10. If you are into visualizations, visualize nice and calm pictures and allow your mind float into different dimensions.

+1 Meditation

Meditation is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and is deeply rooted in various spiritual and cultural traditions. It involves training the mind to achieve a state of

  • focused attention,
  • heightened awareness, and
  • inner calm.
How to calm down? Meditation is a way to calm down your mind, body and soul to be stressless and focused.

What to do if you are anxious or in a rush?

Well, never give up, and try to just go through slowly if you are in a crisis, try to slow down. Let go rush and anxiety. Pay attention to your time and focus.


Fears from unknown create anxiety and this with a rush can be too much.

  • So slow down your life.
  • Be calm.

It is not always easy, but manageable.

Practice self-control

Be busy only with things which are effective or creative, but without rushing. Control yourself and your awareness. Do not let fears to grow over you.

What else can calm you down?

Conscious distraction gives the mind the opportunity to disengage from the stress inducing thoughts.

  • Read a book how to Master Inner Calm.

Do something where you need to channel your energy in any activity, which worth and can let out your anxiety for example

  • go out for a concert,
  • eat out or drink with friends,
  • dancing,
  • go to the gym,
  • visit a museum or
  • create a smoothie,
  • write a poem, song or draw,
  • channel your energy into creative things.

Another thing you can do is something creative for example

  • writing,
  • painting,
  • drawing,
  • cooking,
  • organizing an event or a holiday,
  • planning to go somewhere etc.

In some cases, learning about new things can help you too for example

While distracted, the mind will seek ways to be clear and stabilize thoughts. It will also free up all the available cognitive and spiritual channels for inspiration and constructive action.

Alcohol and drugs do not work/benefit you in the same way. Far from it. You need to remain fully connected with Your Own Self.

To sum up

  • channeling energies to something creative and
  • planning something and doing it is a good way,

which can help you on your journey to be less anxious and gain back your calmness and awareness.

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