Fail fast then start to liveFail fast then start to live

Let me tell you about this post why I give the Fail fast then start to live title? It’s because it happened to me several times, so have some ideas how I felt myself about it.

Where can you fail?

You can fail:

  • In a relationship or
  • In your marriage, which means divorce mostly,
  • At school/university,
  • on an exam,
  • entrance exam or admission test,
  • with a submission to an office,
  • with your first blogs etc.

In life some people commit crime like crashing a car without even being the cause of the car crash…so you can do some things accidentally too if the responsibility you need to take is shared…, but in every cases life goes on.

We as humans can fail several times and we can have fears from failing.

What is fear?

According the American Psychological Association fear is a basic, intense emotion. Aroused by the detection of imminent threat. Involving an immediate alarm reaction that mobilizes the organism by triggering a set of physiological changes.

Includes rapid heartbeat, redirection of blood flow away from the periphery toward the gut, tensing of the muscles, and a general mobilization of the organism to take action e.g.: fear, fight-or-flight response.

Fear differs from anxiety in that the former is considered an appropriate short-term response to a present, clearly identifiable threat. The latter is a future-oriented, long-term response focused on a diffuse threat. 

Learn how to “fear” well

I usually passed on my exams. So I didn’t know how to let’s say move on fast from some situations, because I didn’t needed to try out myself in those situation. It was good in school, but not in real life. I had no idea what to do for a long time if I get fired, but then learned.

More than 21 years studying just to be sure I will have a good work, when I will be an adult. To never get fired and always have opportunities, but then…

I got fired

It happened. I became an adult without job. Not just without it, but exactly, because I got fired.

How did I reach that status?

Not especially liked that work, but it was ok for a while. I liked some of the projects, colleagues, but the others not really. Just tried to find out how to survive as several times was so boring. As i have realized slow processes are boring.

At night I was not able to sleep as I had a lot of ideas, what I should do with my life instead of what I am doing actually and the daytime I was like a zombie.

And got fired…and didn’t sleep well either.

Start to live

If you ever get fired or failed in life then it is time for you to start to live.

Life will move on and if you have failed on an exam or got fired you need to learn how to move on the quickest possible way.

This usually means you need to be very adaptive and open to learn new skills otherwise you will not be able to get a new job.

Learn yourself in that way too. For example how fast you can learn a new skill or how fast can you open a new business or implement your ideas.

Start to think about different options not just the ones you had before. Be creative. As you might just stuck in a path, which not good for you at all….

You have to have a lot of freedom in life to be able to move ahead fast or to be able to position yourself better or just to find out what to do in life…this is better than trying something, which not good for you.

You can find out different methods to reach a goal, not just one. The education systems nowadays show sometimes that you need to choose something then do it for the rest of your life. That’s not true. You can always learn more or start to study another field and start a “new life”. Don’t stuck in a situation what you don’t like.

You are a person not a tree. Tees have roots, people don’t, so it means they are more flexible.

Be open-minded

Expand your mind and skills, because this will help in survival.

Just because someone says don’t do something don’t listen to them. If someone says do something don’t listen to them either.

Try, fail fast then succeed

No one started perfectly, so try out different methods and paths, which are not working or working for you.

Whatever is good for you start to do it. Start to live, because that’s how you will learn. You will learn a lot about yourself, people, situations and life. Gain as much experiences as you can.

Life can be very very uncertain sometimes.

You need to be creative, well prepared and adaptive to survive. Need to find out how to make life less uncertain for yourself.

This is a learning path. Obviously you will depends on some people always in a way, but still try to make some balance for yourself. Learn new skills in your journey, because that will help you later in life and in the future.

To be able to succeed you need to fail sometimes so failure is not the end. It is more like a redirection.

There is a lot of option and if you don’t find the one, which is good for you, then start to create yours for yourself.

In my previous article you can find book recommendations, which can help you what to do when you have no idea what to do with your life. 😅

Listen to yourself

Listen to yourself as you are the only one who know yourself and know what is good for you.

You are the one alone who can help on yourself.

No one else can help on you. Some people opinion can influence you that much, that you forgot to live. You will be too busy to think why they told you what they told instead of learning or finding out your life for yourself.

Others opinion about your life is none of your business. You have one life & tomorrow is never guaranteed. So don’t lose your days by waiting that things will be better. If you not works for it to make them better, then they usually not change.

Wake up instead and start to live.

If you ever philosophizing how easier others life is, well sometimes it is not. You don’t know what’s behind them, only see a snapshot and think their life is easy. You don’t see anything behind. What they learned, went through, their experiences and path.

Think through what might has happened with them to realize that you don’t know what you don’t know about them.

Good luck on your journey.

Fail fast then start to live - it is a journey.

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