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How the Greenfrastructures Creative Agency has been created and developing? 

Worked with business, IT and logistics systems, financial systems, mobile apps, data and integrations. Next to it, I have interested in writing, community building on Quora (profile) and marketing, then advertising. I worked and learned different areas then how to create Blogs:

I created Greenfrastructures in February 2022 than Silk and Cake in July 2022.

Moreover, I have branded and created the Go Green Brand Shop in March 2023, which represent sustainable fashion and part of the circular economy.

Furthermore, that is how I created the Greenfrastructures Creative Agency.

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  • offered Services here,
  • first digital media appearance here, and
  • collaboration opportunities here.

You can reach us here: [email protected]

More about the Portfolio of the founder your can read here: https://linktr.ee/businessis