Collaboration and Teamwork makes The Dream Work.Collaboration and Teamwork makes The Dream Work.

“Collaboration and Teamwork: Investing in a Future of Success” is an interesting recognition when you hit by the realization that collaboration and teamwork can help you in a lot of different way. All of you by

  • creating a good framework,
  • clear boundaries and
  • having similar values are more or less important too.

There are different types of work and investments in the world: for fun, hobby, to make an income or just for the sake of it. In some cases you just work in a household to make yourself busy, help others, work for charities, organizations, work together like volunteering or just for yourself.

However people not writing down that collaboration is an investment to the future .

These skills are very important read about them more here.

The most valuable asset is Your Time

As you have no idea how much time you have left.

Time is your most valuable assets. Teamwork can help to reduce invested time.

Work can happen alone, or with others in teams in collaboration with each other synchronously or asynchronously. People work for themselves, families, pets, friends, neighbours and just to be busy.

Work together to create investments in the future

Working for ourselves and in collaboration with others to

  • be busy, not to think over,
  • be happy, or be there to help someone,
  • be there to help on ourselves,
  • be there to help on our teams, and we expect our teams might help us out in the future,
  • be not bored.

Making investments in the future can be done alone, or in collaboration with teams, groups, communities as well.

What is not investment into our future?

  • When we are giving, we feel the need of getting something, that is why Social Media so popular. We get instant gratification as far as we post something, the results come immediately: the views, likes, comments.
  • Not Social Media the only one, where we get this: personal conversations, where we see immediate emotions and reactions, what we got, which being released by our conversational partner, or the group.
  • Although Social Media not mirroring real life. Why? We get mostly positive feedbacks: views, likes, and comments mostly positive, boost pride, boast self-confidence. What we do not like can delete instantly as if that would not have been there ever. Is that the reality?
  • No, Social Media does not help us to live in the reality, social media helps us to live in a fantasy world, where only good things happen to us at least we got only likes, happy faces and etc., and we are always in our comfort zone.

As long as we are satisfied, we are happy, right?

No. Above all this pinky fantasy what we call social media, there is the real world, which is totally different.

In social media the world looks better, sounds better, and people think it makes them better, because this is social media about…social connections, right?

Wrong. It is mostly MEDIA and not really Social. It is more about comparing yourself to others. Plus people consume as if there would be no tomorrow…

Why to take out themselves from this if the reality what we got from the real world is harsh, hurt, and painful, and to be good in something we have to PRACTICE a lot.

Bad luck can happen and much easier to live in the fantasy world than outside of it.

Real life experiences

  • Who cares about real life experiences?
  • What about patience, courtesy?
  • Persistent, consistent behaviour, dedication?


Those are real-life values. You cannot move forward if you do not have those core values in yourself. You need reality after a while and situations, where humans need to face real life interactions.

Are we stand up next for our core values or we just throw them away, because we face the least difficult challenge in reality?

  • These are the moments when we need to stand up next to who we are.
  • These moments are the ones, which define us and our values.
  • Those moments are when we realize that we need to sometimes fail to succeed later and keep going.
  • Those are the moments when we keep working even when we feel ourselves hopeless,
  • Those are the moments, when we need to show strength and face the challenges hundreds or thousands of times, before we find out what do we want to do, and who do we want to be finally

Reality might be boring, and you need to wait for days, weeks, months, or years to create something unique or achieve something, but only those succeed who take actions and never give up. Real life is not easy.

I read a tweet about Elon Musk. He has been criticized by a university professor why is he doing what is he doing.

Core values like taking postive actions and teamwork is an investment in the future.

Human behaviour is weird. When a professor starts to criticize a real word entrepreneur who not just going into the office and start to teach every day the same things…. you can’t compare the two.

Real world entrepreneurs are not little kids

Parents try to help their kids several times by protecting from everything just to make them incapable of living, friends not speak with each other a single problem, because it might hurt. They create walls, not house walls, but castle walls.

Easier to be with those, who are doing exactly what we are doing all the time and want from them, than being understandable with people whose life different from ours.

People started to create a world, where reality is bad, and only social media & their own life is good. We are totally protected from each other.

That is not the reality, or it can be a reality, only if you let it…

What is an investment into the future?

Reality will teach that:

  • we forgot how-to live-in reality,
  • we start to calm our mind that reality cannot be that harsh, but it is…
  • it will always show it can be, which makes our calmly built-up pink life more boring,
  • we need to compromise and collaboration and work with peers,
  • we need to have close connections, and people whom we can share ideas and experiences,
  • we need people in whom we can trust, who want to help us if we need,
  • that social media is NOT enough.

Are we sure we want this reality?

  • No.
  • People escaping from reality, in addition they do not think they have what it takes to succeed, or they are overconfident.
  • They are sometimes blaming each other, parents, partners, friends why they are living in a life in which they are stuck since years…
  • They want to get back into that pinky not real life, where they are just watching others, because that is comfortable.

Do we really want to reduce that much our connections, where we want to see others, when we need to meet them on team buildings?

  • How can it be possible that people think that any action what they do in a game or on a blockchain system will alter any real-life interaction?
  • Is that really the future what we can imagine for our children or future generation?

I understand that people need a little hope, which make them feel better, but why do not they do this in real life? By

  • going out and speaking with others?
  • going to events and gatherings with like-minded people?
  • contacting with others, call and meet them?
  • speaking with them, listening others?
  • volunteering to learn precious skills?

People do not need psychologists all the time, just a friend, or someone who can listen to them…nothing can alter real life conversations, interactions, and collaboration.

If that is impossible, then call your family members to speak with them and try to create new friendships or experiences with your good old friends…

How can people create and grow new friendships?

  • Say yes to good people and positive actions. Practice it. Say it more times. Create boundaries. Use and practice assertive communication.
  • Create new friendships or at least use apps only to meet with others in real life, not to speak with them online forever, to find a new hobby, a new work, a new date, but do not use apps for more time, than scheduling the first meeting.
  • Go for real life experiences, partnerships and networks, which can really help in real life.
  • Online connections might be not that important if you can meet someone.

How does this make us better collectively?

  • By having a network to speak with, to share experiences and be together, when we need help from real people,
  • For example: have you ever heared about hobby or tourist groups, business meetings, communities?
  • Meeting with your neighbours, gym trainer, coach?
  • Trying volunteering ever?

Why is collaboration investments in ourselves and in our future?

E.g.: volunteering: have you ever helped kids, who needed a nanny, or pets who needed a walk, or your friend asked you to help, when they were moving, or to meet for a garden party or cooking?

Most of them are based on some kind of collaboration.

Besides volunteering is a perfect way to be with each other and it means help others. It makes you active, busy, and give you a level of contentment, plus you can develop your skills and yourself…you can find people who show a different world what you have never seen before.


Teamwork involve groups of individuals working together.

This type of work often implies a more structured approach with defined roles and responsibilities, promoting efficiency in achieving specific goals. Just like when an F1 team working together to help their pilot win the race.

Teamwork different from collaboration

Teamwork vs. Collaboration

In contrast to teamwork, collaboration emphasizes a more flexible and fluid interaction among participants, encouraging a diverse exchange of ideas and skills.

Teamwork typically involves a designated leader guiding the group, while collaboration often relies on shared leadership and a more egalitarian distribution of responsibilities.

While teamwork is goal-oriented, collaboration places a strong emphasis on the process, fostering creativity, and harnessing the collective intelligence of the participants.

Collaborative model in finance

A Collaborative Model for Long-Term Investing written by Ashby Monk, Rajiv Sharma, Duncan L. Sinclair involves the collaborative model of long-term investing and re-intermediation thesis.

It is introduced as an innovative way for institutional investors to overcome some of the challenges of short-termism. The chapter outlines how social network theory and economic sociology are used to validate the collaborative model.

Investment from volunteering

Volunteering a kind of teamwork and collaboration. Volunteering can give us what we were missing in life:

  • personal interactions,
  • growing problem solving skills,
  • increasing selfconfidence,
  • opportunities to grow, to know us better and to improve,
  • acquire new skills, to spend our time to improve ourselves,
  • honest feedback, if we need it,
  • new friends, or people to meet,
  • interactions, emotions, or feelings we might miss, when we speak at home with our cats or ourselves….
  • self-improvement,
  • self-awareness etc.

However, volunteering might sound selfish, but it is not, it is a two-sided and two-way street, because the other side need to provide value and not just you.

Win-Win situation

Both sides will be content & happy in the ideal case if they invest in the work.

Collaboration generate relationships and connections, which might would have never happened without volunteering. Give new experiences, which we might miss that much from our life in this computerized virtual world.

To sum up it can give us good and strong feelings of instant gratification for short-term and teach us several new skills to gain for long-term.

It can offer us the self-development, what we might really need instead of scrolling through again any of our boring social media channel.

Collaboration and Teamwork makes The Dream Work.

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