web3 infrastructure buildingweb3 infrastructure building

Writing as a city planner and urban systems engineer I see web3 infrastructures building as building a town or a city.

Cities have basic infrastructures and they need to integrated together to operate well and be sustainable.

Which is why the same should happen in web3 too to create infrastructures which can be integrated together and work in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

Web3 ecosystem

A lot of people working on the web3 infrastructures and ecosystem, developing innovative solutions and integrations to be able to create an ecosystem.

Web3 infrastructures are part of web3 ecosystems

Succes will only come if people will work for the same goals, and not their egoist self-interests, which is why the whole concept is in risk.

Structures and web3 infrastructures aka blockchain networks only work well if integrations will make them

  • fast,
  • useful,
  • efficient
  • and safe.

Why do I understand this?

I have experiences as I am an Urban Systems Engineer worked with

  • real-estate developers (architects, engineers, builders),
  • systems & IT infrastructure developers (with developers, engineers) a lot.


  • engineers,
  • architects,
  • developers.


  • products
  • projects
    to integrate infrastructures and
    saw why people use/did not use them.
Web3 digital services


  • blogs,
  • integrations
  • communities,
  • data exchange platforms as part of a team.

So I know this and that about systems and infrastructures and people who use them.

Web3 infrastructures

infrastructures are not enough if

  • they are not integrated &
  • people will not feel comfortable to use them.

If that is decentralised you as a developer really need to test out to know

  • how this will work,
  • what people would use &
  • then only develop further those ones,
  • integrate together what would they really use!

Let people

If you don’t do this

  • you &
  • others might build something
    which has 0 sense as no one will use.

Test -> use -> analyze

People use what’s

  • accessible
  • the most comfortable & the easiest.


  • integrations, which make life comfortable &
  • usability testing of infrastructures are essential,
Run a usability test when you create and develop web3 infrastructures

and here the question is would people really use it?

It’s not enough if you try out you need to measure if it fits or not. The cat below fits but not so comfortably at all.

It is not enough if it fits I sits

Before building them up at all.

Here are some other cats aka the Cat “Army”who can help to build it up.


If urban planners want a new path then several times they don’t build it, so what they do?


They let users for example people who are walking there to use the construction site as they would use then analyse the results.


This could help builders to create the most efficient solutions and build only those paths which are good to be built and would be used by the public.

Web3 infrastructures should be built regarding following similar concepts.


Testing, behaviour analysis and integrations are so important, never forget those.


To learn more how sustainable these systems & infrastructures can be I will write more in the Greenfrastructures blog later on.

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