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How to change your mindset for financial independence? Why am I writing about this topic now? As I received a question regarding the topic.

“I’m a trained engineer. Had interests in crypto and blockchain, but lost all my money. Now I wash at a local car wash. Truth is I’m not making any reasonable progress. Hope I can change my financial status narrative?

What financial independence is?

A path to freedom.

Escape financial constraints, pursue passions, and make choices aligned with personal values. Achieve through discipline, smart planning, and multiple income streams. Gain control, security, and the ability to live life on your terms. Embrace a life of possibilities and self-determination.

Financial independence is possible

There is a 2 or 3 way street:

  • either trying to get an engineering job, which would be an easiest for you mostly if you have experiences….,
  • the other being in a car wash for more time then saving, but this is pretty long, ot at least stay there until you do not find a better option if it is possible in your engineering field, or any interest, where you can develop, or
  • you create a business from your present job, which is not the easiest, but a way, which can happen too.

Probably there are other options too for example leave everything behind, and find a job at the other side of the world, or live as a digital nomad etc. etc., but I have these 3 in my mind now.

Change your mindset

You can change your financial status narrative, and achieve financial independence, but

  • it will be not easy,
  • you need to be determined, dedicated, laser focused,
  • think in long-term, that you will make it no matter what,
  • need to changing bad habits regarding finances, and
  • not believing in short-term gains.

Start with simple steps

Work in your job just try to earn money first, then start to save for 1 month, then for 6 months, then more to have capital to create a real business aka open a little company, where you e.g.: deliver food or wash cars etc.. Then with time you realize you can hire others if the cash flow is in order too. Use creativity to sell your services…or outsource this to people.

If you can’t earn your own money and go up from there next to your job and you don’t have enough creativity to solve problems and expand, then you always will say you don’t have money to solve something…and you can’t break the cycle.

It is a decision, good decision, and sequences of good decisions, where you need to make good decisions, which built up on each other to break the cycle and build up something new from scratch.

This is a lot of time, determination, consistency, so not recommended for everyone, but if you have the creativity you will solve the problems and find out things

Learn from books & everyone around you, then take action.

Get rid of bad excuses

If you just think

  • Why you can’t do?
  • Why you are not that beautiful, handsome, smart, rich?
  • Why you do not have that much time?
  • Why you don’t find a way to create a business?
  • Thinking why you can’t do something?

Then nothing will happen. You are the only one who can change your life by changing your mindset. Not your partner, friend or anyone else, but You, so this is a lot of responsibility. No one cares about your excuses. I repeat no one cares, except you, if nothing will change. Change your mindset and thank later.

What is important only:

  • to take action to achieve your goals,
  • to solve problems in real life….
  • if you really want to break the cycle, then make it, then learn, because people who are making it, they are reading, learning, making it every day, hustling for it, as some say to get higher and higher and higher, so take actions every day and repeat.
  • to achieve goals and reach results, you need to create financial results else your work worth not so much. Consistency is the key.

The people who are making it and changing their life are those who are NOT

  • Making excuses,
  • Telling why they can’t,
  • Making more excuses etc.

Find solutions

As they are the ones who

  • Start where they are, and use what they have:

Learn everything, where you are starting in a car washing business is perfect:

  • you need to speak with clients a lot,
  • you need to know how clients/customers think,
  • what they really want,
  • regarding a service what is important….
  • learn everything from your boss, be humble, then learn more in short time about the process…
  • learn why a car washing business still works??? Everything is almost automatized, what on Earth make people to use the service everyday still???
  • learn everyday as if that would be your last day there, where you can learn….
  • Learn as if that would be your only opportunity to learn and have real life experience.
  • Embrace the opportunity to be able to learn real life things and speak with clients or customers.

Because in life you need common sense to create things, or a business,

  • even to design a pen, you need to know for whom you design, why, how and why people will buy that Pen from you.

These are information what you need to know, what is a process why they are going to buy from you and use it and why are they choosing that pen…. for example easy to use, or the color of it, or comfortable or universal or etc…why???…and you will learn everyday from feedbacks too.


  • Read, learn every psychology book, business book, self-development book
  • Go to meetups, go to business breakfasts, dinners or lunch, so networking etc.
  • Choose this instead party everyday, being a couch potato,
  • Train your mind, body and soul; level up all the time…every day and every minutes…
  • It is a competition with 8 billion people on Earth (ok, if your business local then less, but still)….if you want to break the cycle think: be consistent, have plans, and think on long-term…

Learn from experiences

For example if someone got 5000 rejections in 5 years then he/she will realize why methods are not working regarding an idea, except if he/she is very stubborn…I don’t think you need 5000 different rejections. What you need is focus on 1 idea, and find some ways, which not works, or just one, which works, then stick to it, it will be easier.

Don’t make excuses, instead embrace rejections & failuresfail a lot and fast, then learn from it and find a better way or a way which WORKS FOR YOU!!!

You know the only question is “How bad do you want it?”

It’s all about your goals, life, and decisions, which have to be built around that, but first ask from yourself how bad do you want it???

Because if you do not want it that bad, you will suffer meanwhile you are sacrificing your time, energy and everything what you prefer do instead of building your own business.

So the question is how bad do you want it will be valid most of the time…


With consistency and hard/smart work everything is possible.

Do not forgot to save, use savings as capital & have a good cash flow in order to be able to make your business/es sustainable & thriving.

Change your mindset to reach financial independence

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