big journeys begin with small stepsbig journeys begin with small steps

Today I wanted to write about relationships, then AI, then IT security, but then realized these topics might need more time to collect more information about them. So, decided to write about “Boost Productivity as an Entrepreneur: Tools to Work Smarter” article as it is important. I will leave it here as some kind of motivational and inspirational article as we all need some from time to time.

Motivation and boosting productivity

This article intended to provide motivation and boost productivity for all of you who are trying or thinking they want to try enterpreneurship.

You are not alone, but somehow you are alone, so you need to ask help from time to time and work with people in order to expand, but most of the time you are alone, which means you need to pay attention for your

  • priorities,
  • time management,
  • sleep, health and well-being,
  • money management and cash flow.

I will write to people who intended to be enterpreneurs or solopreneurs some tips to boost your productivity.

Set specific and realistic goals

We all have one life and we need to have to have a strict time management based on what we want to achieve, and need to stick to it else we will swim in our issues and unsolvable tasks. So setting goals, which are realistic and ticking them will help and boost productivity. Aka You will be able to get things done.

How do I know if a goal realistic or not?

Since you are a starter first you will have no idea what is realistic and what is not.

So what you can do about it?

Experiment, investigate, research and try

What you can do is trying out what works and what not, especially if you are a starter you will think everything works fast and successfully. Well usually that is not the case. We have to learn a lot to understand how things work in management, business, technology and etc.

We do not even know in the beginning what we are into it, so that is what makes people lucky several times, that they have no idea that they do not know, what they can do and cannot do.

I will not say do not try, because maybe with your strength, resources, circumstances and options you are able to make a change you want, BUT if this not happening for the first time, then do not be sad.

Try to be more human and try a bit less or with less difficult things.

If others were able to set realistic goals, you can do too, but sometimes you need to try first, to know what IS UNREALISTIC, to know WHAT IS REALISTIC, and the only person who can do this is YOU…

Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps
Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps

So Set Specific and Realistic Goals aka

Break down big goals into smaller, achievable tasks, and prioritize them based on importance and urgency.

Here you can learn more about the Case Studies…

Companies (c), tools (t)

CS I. Ethical shop and product producer (c)

A sustainable ethical shop and product producer company.

  • Challenge: They wanted to increase its user engagement and retention rates.
  • Solution: The company set specific and realistic goals to improve user engagement and retention for its video creation platform.

The company achieved this goal through the implementation of several key strategies:

  • by adding new features,
  • improving their digital and physical user experience.
  • Results: efforts paid off with increase in user engagement by 30%, and retention rates increased by 20%.

How they were able to do this?

With different strategies.

Adding new features

The company introduced new features to its platform like

  • templates,
  • stock footage, and
  • music

to enhance the user experience and encourage users to create more videos.

Improving user experience

Improved the user interface by

  • simplifying the design and
  • making it more intuitive.

This reduced

  • the time and effort required to create a video,
  • making the platform more appealing to users and
  • resulting in increased engagement rates.
Improving user experience
Natural, Organic spa cosmetics products, eco friendly bathroom accessories. Skincare concept.

Personalizing communication

It communicated with its users more effectively by personalizing emails and notifications, making users feel valued and engaged with the platform.

Offering incentives

It offered incentives like

  • discounts and
  • free trials to encourage users to upgrade to premium plans, increasing revenue and customer loyalty, resulting in higher retention rates.
Sustainable ethical shop and product producer company
Handmade organic natural soap, dry shampoo, brushes, bathroom accessories, eco friendly spa, beauty skincare concept. Small business, ethical shopping. Plastic free, zero waste lifestyle

Measuring and analyzing data

It tracked

  • user behavior,
  • engagement rates, and
  • feedback,

enabling the team to identify areas for improvement and adjust their strategies accordingly.

I will not write which company is this, hope your fantasy good enough to find out.

CS II. Project management software (t)

A project management software company that achieved its goals of

  • improving user engagement and
  • retention rates by introducing new features, such as custom fields and timeline view.


  • improved the user interface and personalized communication with users,
  • providing targeted product recommendations based on user behavior.

Ladies and Gentlemen this company is Asana, hopefully you all know the name of it.

CS III. Cloud storage (c)

A cloud storage company that

  • achieved its goals of increasing user acquisition and
  • revenue by offering incentives, such as referral bonuses and discounts.


  • improved its user experience by introducing new features, such as
  • automatic photo upload and file sharing, and
  • expanding its product offerings to include collaborative tools like Dbox Paper.

The company name won’t be a surprise it is called Dropbox.

CS IV. Team communication platform (t)

A team communication platform that achieved its goals of

  • improving user engagement and retention rates by introducing new features, such as
  • app integrations and customizable notifications.

Also improved its user interface and personalized communication with users, providing targeted recommendations and support.

The company called itself as Slack, probably you have already heard about it.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Sounds easy, but almost impossible to do if if you are like most founders. Founders like to be in the flow. They are bold, happy and creative and that is why they are not always good to be CEOs, if they like freedom better instead routine work and habits.

Creating a schedule and sticking to it itself is hard work, the opposite is what you need when you find out an idea. You need freedom and flow.

However, if you want to achieve something, boost productivity then you need to work on it and make it as a routine, so you need to be a kind of engineer, creative thinker, expert, CEO and

need tons of focus, which is hard work.

You have to maintain a well-balanced life. else you will not be able to follow a routine.

Focus is necessary to work smarter, not harder
Focused woman making plans.

Most importantly you need to be able to

  • focus on your work and
  • be able to prioritize else you will do things without results.

Results make the whole work profitable, so if you are a founder or too creative and freedom lover type start to work on yourself to be more

  • focused,
  • routine lover
  • precise,


  • stick to a kind of schedule or
  • work with people who can stick to a schedule else you work, but without sense.

Some people do not like routine at all, but unfortunately you need to have a routine, to boost productivity and be able to work on the same things again and again…

Develop a routine that works for you and allows you to manage your time effectively.

CS I. Time tracking software (t)

A company created a time tracking software.

  • Challenge: wanted to improve productivity and reduce time wastage for remote teams.
  • Solution: created a schedule and encouraged remote teams to stick to it by using its time tracking software to monitor their work hours and time wastage.
  • Results: efforts paid off with an increase in productivity by 25%, and time wastage reduced by 15%, creating a more efficient and effective remote team environment..

They were

  • improving productivity and
  • reducing time wastage for remote teams by implementing several strategies, such as:

Creating a schedule

The company created a schedule for its remote teams, which included

  • designated work hours,
  • breaks, and meetings,
  • helping team members stay on track,
  • manage their time more effectively.

Monitoring time usage

The company implemented a time tracking software that monitored how much time team members spent on

  • work-related tasks versus non-work-related activities,
  • helping them identify time wastage and areas for improvement.
Time tracking software, How to boost your productivity as an entrepreneur
Time tracking software was available from phone too

Providing feedback

The software provided regular feedback to team members on their productivity levels and identified areas where they could improve, such as

  • multitasking or
  • reducing time spent on non-work-related activities.

Encouraging collaboration

The company

  • encouraged collaboration between team members,
  • enabling them to share best practices, tips, and tricks on how to stay productive and
  • manage their time effectively.

Analyzing data

The software and company

  • analyzed data on team members’ productivity levels,
  • identified trends and patterns, and a
  • adjusted its strategies accordingly to optimize productivity.

The name of the company stays confidential as they have asked to stay like this.

CS II. Social Media Management (c)

A social media management company, created a daily schedule for its employees to optimize productivity and minimize burnout.

The schedule includes

  • time blocks for focused work, meetings, breaks, and exercise.

Employees are also encouraged to

  • set boundaries and
  • avoid working outside of their designated work hours.

Employees are also encouraged to set boundaries and avoid working outside of their designated work hours.

Set boundaries and avoid working outside of designated work hours.
Avoid working outside of their designated work hours.

The company itself is not less than Buffer.

CS III. Video hosting & Analytics (c)

A video hosting and analytics company, implemented a four-day workweek to

  • improve work-life balance and
  • increase productivity.

The company shifted to a Monday-Thursday workweek and increased the length of each workday.

In addition to this the company adjusted its meeting schedule and communication practices to ensure effective collaboration and productivity.

The company called Wistia, maybe you heard their name already.


By the way what does hosting/web hosting means exactly?

Web hosting involves storing and serving website files on servers that are accessible over the internet.

When you consider to choose a web hosting service provider you just need to look for:

  • server storage,
  • server accessibility,
  • types of web hostings are like
    • shared hosting (Your website shares server resources with multiple other websites),
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
    • Dedicated Server Hosting
    • Cloud Hosting (Websites are hosted on a network of interconnected servers, offering scalability and flexibility. It allows for resource allocation based on demand.)
    • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Additional Features:
    • domain registration,
    • email accounts,
    • website builders,
    • SSL certificates for secure connections,
    • database management, and
    • backup services.
  • Support and Maintenance: for example a 24/7 technical support to assist with server-related issues, software updates, and server maintenance tasks.

Since we are talking about data privacy and protection in this article a lot you might considering to find out what does SSL is.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

This is a protocol (standardized rules for communication between systems, ensuring compatibility and reliability) that provides secure and encrypted communication between a web server and a user’s browser.

SSLs are digital certificates that enable secure connections by encrypting data transmitted between the server and browser. It enables protocols maybe you heared about HTTPS ensuring that sensitive information like login credentials, personal data, and payment details are transmitted securely.

SSL certificates have an expiration date, typically ranging from a few months to a few years. Renewal is important before it expires to maintain a secure connection.

Having an SSL certificate is important for

  • security,
  • data protection, and
  • search engine optimization (SEO) as search engines prioritize secure websites.

So if you have a website you need to secure if not secured yet by the hosting company.

Use SSLs to secure your website along with low pricing and 3-click activation fast on the

To understand more here is a little help.

There are different types of SSL certificates available:

  • Domain Validated (DV): quickest and most basic type of certificate verifies domain ownership.
  • Organization Validated (OV): these certificates authenticate the organization’s details, providing higher trust levels.
  • Extended Validation (EV): most comprehensive and trusted certificates require a thorough validation process. Display the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar, indicating a secure connection.
  • Wildcard SSL: secure a main domain and all its subdomains under a single certificate
  • Multi-Domain SSL/Subject Alternative Name (SAN): secure multiple domains and subdomains within a single certificate.

So if any type of SSL you need for your website or blog, then you can find a solution here.

CS IV. Workflow automation (c)

A workflow automation company, implemented a time-blocking schedule to

  • optimize productivity and
  • reduce distractions.

The company schedules focused work time in the morning, followed by meetings and collaboration time in the afternoon. Zapier encourages employees to minimize distractions by

  • using noise-canceling headphones and
  • avoiding unnecessary notifications during work hours.

I am pretty sure you know about this company already, its name is Zapier.

Minimize distractions

Recently this is very difficult especially if you have using devices, on which softwares are running, whose IT security requirements are not meet high quality requirements. These softwares and devices will make your life worse. I am not saying throw them out on the window but try to use another and if your problems not improve then start to think how low quality will destroy your life quality and find out a new startup to create higher quality softwares and devices.

Do not worry I am working on this too.

Jokes aside.

  • Turn off notifications,
  • avoid multitasking, and
  • create a distraction-free work environment,

As I told this is difficult, but do not read news, and close yourself into a box without any distractment and try out.

CS I. Distraction-blocking software (t)

  • Challenge: the company wanted to help its users overcome digital distractions and improve productivity.
  • Solution: created a distraction-blocking software that blocks access to distracting websites, apps, and notifications during work hours.
  • Results: efforts paid off with an increase in productivity by 20%, and users reported feeling less stressed and more focused during work hours.

Blocking access to distracting websites and apps

They have created a software that blocks access to

  • distracting websites, apps, and
  • notifications during work hours, reducing distractions and enabling users to focus on their work.

Customizable settings

It allowed users to customize the settings, enabling them to choose which

  • websites,
  • apps, and
  • notifications to block or allow during work hours, creating a personalized and effective solution.
Customize apps to save time and strengthen focus, boost productivity.
Customize apps to save time and strengthen focus.

Enabling accountability

It enabled users to

  • track their productivity levels, showing them how much time they spent on work-related tasks versus non-work-related activities,

enabling them to

  • hold themselves accountable and stay on track.

Providing support

The company provided support to its users, including

  • tips,
  • resources, and
  • advice on how to overcome distractions and stay productive,

creating a supportive and engaged community.

Measuring impact

It measured the impact of its software on its users’ productivity levels and reported these results, demonstrating the effectiveness of its solution and building credibility and trust with its users.

CS II. PM & team communication (t)

A project management and team communication tool, encourages employees to create and stick to a schedule by providing flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and flexible hours.

The company emphasizes the importance of

  • setting boundaries,
  • avoiding overwork, and
  • provides resources and training on time management and productivity.

Maybe you already heard about this company, its name is Basecamp.

CS III. Customer service software (t)

A customer service software company, created a schedule for its employees to optimize productivity and work-life balance.

The company’s “Work From Anywhere” program allows employees to

  • work remotely and
  • set their own schedules.

It provides resources and training on time management and boost productivity, such as the

The company is Help Scout, if you never heard then now you did.

CS IV. Inphographic and presentation sw (t)

An infographic and presentation software company, encourages employees to create and stick to a schedule by providing resources and training on time management and boost productivity as well.

The company offers a “Picchart Academy” with courses on

  • productivity and
  • time management,

as well as a blog with tips and best practices for time management and work-life balance.

The company called itself as Piktochart.

Have you ever heard about them?

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