“Dating and other relationship in the contemporary society” was written to uncover some interesting trends what we can see in contemporary society regarding dating.

Dating scenery

In contemporary society, the concept of dating encompasses a diverse array of opportunities that vary greatly among individuals. While some are unfamiliar with the notion of dating, others may revel in the prospect of engaging with one or multiple partners.

Certain individuals may seek one-night stands or prefer hookups despite being in committed relationships, while others prioritize the sanctity of monogamous relationships over those that are polyamorous. There is no inherent issue with any of these pursuits, but it is imperative to communicate one’s objectives transparently at the outset of a romantic pursuit.

It is crucial to clarify one’s expectations from the outset, as transparency is integral to the principles of fair play. Regrettably, not all individuals are predisposed towards such honorable behavior, but it behooves us to make a genuine attempt towards equity. Some individuals are inclined to conflate the concepts of hookups and dating, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict.

When expressing interest in a romantic liaison, it is essential to possess an understanding of the intricacies of a relationship. Engaging in dating while simultaneously maintaining a commitment to a partner is not a judicious course of action, particularly if one is unwilling to assume accountability for one’s actions.

While there will undoubtedly be individuals who resort to deceit to achieve their objectives, this does not serve as justification for duplicity. One should strive towards authenticity and integrity in all romantic dealings, and not allow oneself to succumb to the temptation of dishonesty.

With simple words

To explain this with simple words:

Try to clarify your expectations and communicate them ahead to play and be fair with the other person. Some people are confusing hookups with dating. Saying to someone you are interested in a relationship, meanwhile you do not know yourself or have no idea how a good or any kind of relationship works will not help you to find a romantic partner. Especially if you cannot take the responsibility for your actions.

Certainly, there will be people who lie to get what they want. Some people will fake themselves or fraud others to reach their goals, but you should not follow this route. Instead spend time with dating and self-development to get to know yourself and your expectations then after try to find a relationship only.

Dating culture

Clarify meanings of words

Firstly, when you start to speak with someone clarify what words means to you. For example, a date, hookup, one-night stand and relationship and in which you are interested in. Since a relationship means to some people a monogamous, while others a polyamorous relationship.

Try to understand and clarify which one you need and whether the other person understand the same meaning under the same words. This will help you to understand the thinking of your dating partner.

Some people think it is not a problem if they have a relationship and they are getting into hookups. Meanwhile others think in a different way for instance having a relationship exclude the options to date with others. Try to understand the other person thinking to be sure you have the same understanding regarding the meaning of words and concepts.

The meaning of dating

Some people do not understand why dating and dating culture is important. I mean here “dating” with one person, not more. If you have a fast meeting and land in bed within a day/week that is not dating. Most of the time that leads to one-night stands or a hookup. Dating is different.

Dating, dating culture and other relationship opportunities.

Why dating is important?

Dating is important to reach a point to feel safe, express feelings, desires, and boundaries without fear of judgement or rejection from your partner. Some characteristics of a proper dating culture include:


  • both partners have given enthusiastic and ongoing consent to any physical or sexual activity. Lying about your goals, present relationships lead to fake consent. Destroying someone’s mental health and killing a soul is not the best idea. It is not what you should follow if you are a caring person, who respect other people. If you are after a breakup or not ready for a relationship, then letting know, that you are not ready. Maybe you do not care, but they do. If you unintentionally break someone’s heart then learn from it and try not doing the same mistakes again next time.


  • open and honest communication is key. Partners should feel comfortable talking to each other about their feelings, needs, and concerns. This means you two need to compromise regarding things. It is not enough if you feel good, both of you need to feel good. Being in a relationship is not always easy. You need to know yourself to create a healthy relationship. Have energy to build something together, rather than destroying each other. You need a lot of self-awareness, self-respect, and self-control to feel yourself good and be able to communicate this.


  • mutual respect is essential in any healthy relationship. Partners should respect each other’s boundaries, feelings, beliefs, and values. If you are not ready to invest time/energy, or to communicate needs then you might ready for a relationship. Not respecting the other person lead you and members of society to be careless. Respect means you not just start a conversation, and dating, but take the responsibility to end it too. (When you do not feel anything, not just ghosting).


  • both partners have equal say and valued in the relationship. If you do not plan to have a relationship, then do not say you want a relationship. Does not have sense to lie around and break hearts. The society and members of it does not owe you, because your ex broke your heart. No, not everyone is like your ex. No, they do not have to suffer as you did, so do not play with others’ hearts. Try to respect yourself and others before start to date again by having self-control. If you do not have self-control, at least try to learn it. Better than breaking hearts.


  • partners need to feel safe and supported. They need to feel comfortable expressing their feelings and setting boundaries without fear of judgement or harm. Boundaries means if someone tells you do not do, then you not trying to “force” the other person. If you want to try something and the other person not, then you accept. Self-knowledge is important. Know yourself well and try to communicate openly what you like and do not. Some people might never understand what you like or do not and try to find explanations to your behaviour. Those are not the people you have to deal with.

It prioritizes healthy and respectful relationships, open communication, and mutual consent.

Dating and self-development

Dating is an important aspect of self-development as it can provide an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Few reasons why dating can be beneficial for self-development:

  • Learning about yourself: dating can help you learn more about yourself, your values, and what you want in a partner. Through the process of getting to know someone else, you may discover more about your own preferences, desires, and deal-breakers. This can help you become more self-aware and better understand what you need in a relationship.
  • Developing communication skills: good communication is essential for any successful relationship. By going on dates and engaging in conversations with potential partners, you can improve your communication skills and learn how to express your thoughts and feelings effectively.
  • Building confidence: dating can be a great way to build confidence and self-esteem. As you meet new people and go on more dates, you may become more comfortable with yourself and your ability to connect with others.
  • Facing rejection: while rejection can be difficult to handle, it is a natural part of the dating process. Learning how to handle rejection can be an important skill for personal growth and development.
  • Exploring new experiences: dating can provide opportunities to explore new experiences and try new things. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, a new activity, or visiting a new city, dating can help you broaden your horizons and expand your comfort zone.

Overall, dating can be an important aspect of self-development, because it can assist you learn more about yourself, improve communication skills, build confidence, and explore new experiences.

Hookup “culture”

Hookup means casual sexual encounters, which is happening outside of a committed relationship. People often engage in sexual activity without the expectation of forming a long-term or committed relationship. It is not a problem if you do this if your partner has the same intention.

However, if your partner has different intentions than you, then you are misleading your partner. Maintaining your best appearance, but knowing the apple is rotting inside is equal to lying and as we all know lying is not the best policy. For example, saying you want to create a monogamous relationship, but you do not want to, then playing around with the other person mind and body is lying and selfish move.


Some characteristics of hookup culture include:

  • Casual sex: often happen spontaneously, without a commitment or expectation of future dates. That is obviously only healthy if your partner has the same intentions as you have.
  • Emphasis on physical attraction: over emotional or intellectual connection.
  • Lack of commitment: both partners understand ahead that the encounter will be a one-time thing.
  • Use of dating apps: people can easily find potential sexual partners based on physical attraction and location. That does not mean that dating apps are only for people who want to hookup. Ask ahead what is the intention of the other person as just because you have an idea and just because it is a dating app, it does not mean that the other person has the same idea in mind as you.
  • Minimal emotional investment: partners not expecting to develop an emotional connection beyond the sexual encounter. Hookups and one-night stands associated several times with negative consequences. Such as emotional distress, objectification, and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

All of them you need to consider if you want to get into these kinds of relations with others. Whether these are worth your time and energy or not.

Differentiating intentions

It can be challenging to know someone’s intentions when you first meet. However, there are signs that indicate whether a person interested in a hookup or dating:

  • Communication: the way someone communicates with you can indicate intentions. If they are only interested in a hookup, they may focus on flirting, physical compliments, and suggestive language. Meanwhile if someone interested in dating may engage in more meaningful conversation.
  • Body language: paying attention to someone’s body language can also be helpful. Someone who is interested in a hookup may be more focused on physical contact. May not be as interested in spending time getting to know you before or beyond that.
  • Plans: if someone is interested in dating, they are more likely to make plans for future dates or events together. If they only interested in a hookup, less likely to make plans beyond that encounter.
  • Time spent together: if someone is interested in dating, they willing to spend time together outside of just hooking up. This means if someone wants to see you in bed, or late nights only then this means they prefer hookups with you.
  • Physical intimacy: if someone only interested in a hookup, they focused on physical intimacy, less interested in emotional connection or building a relationship.

If you are looking for a relationship and they are not, it’s better to find out and move on to have better chance to meet with someone who is more compatible with your goals.

Romantic relationship building

Romantic relationship building involves a set of practices and behaviors that help to establish and maintain a healthy and fulfilling romantic relationship.

Emotional and mental connection

  • Communication: the key to any successful relationship as it involves expressing oneself clearly and honestly, being an active listener, and open to feedback. The way someone communicates with you can be a good indicator of their intentions. People who are interested to build romantic relationships are more likely to engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Time spent together: people will be more interested in spending time with you beyond just hooking up. They want to go on dates, hang out with you in non-sexual settings. Get to know you on a deeper level. People can fake this, but most of them not spending too much time (weeks/months) if their goals are short-term. (It can happen, but not usual as the invested energy and time not worth for them).
  • Future/Plans: if someone is interested in building a relationship, they will be more interested in making plans with you. They invite you to go on trips/travel, attending events, meeting each other’s friends/ family and take actions. If they only talk that means you are in a trap, and it is not real.
  • Emotional connection: someone who is interested in building a relationship will be interested in creating an emotional connection with you. They ask about your thoughts and feelings and be willing to share their own in return. Not only one time, but continuously more over time.
  • Consistency: if someone is interested in building a relationship, they will be consistent in their communication and behavior towards you. They will be reliable, responsive, and interested in getting to know you over time.


  • Shared experiences: finding experiences that both parties enjoy and can engage in together can help to build a sense of connection and shared meaning in the relationship.
  • Mutual respect and trust: both are essential in a healthy romantic relationship. It involves valuing the opinions, feelings, and needs of one’s partner and treating them with kindness and consideration. It is built over time by being reliable, honest, & transparent in actions and intentions.
  • Compromise: it involves finding solutions that work for both parties and being willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.
  • Affection: physical touch and verbal expressions of affection help to foster a sense of connection and intimacy in a romantic relationship.
  • Patience: It helps you to differentiate real intentions from other ones. Building a strong romantic relationship takes time and patience. It involves being willing to work through challenges and grow together over time.

It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your potential partner about your intentions and expectations for the relationship.

Dating, relationship, and love

Love and dating are interconnected most of the time.

  • Dating is typically the process of getting to know someone with the intention of forming a romantic relationship. Love can develop during the dating process as two people get to know each other. They are developing a deep emotional connection.

If you do not have intention to get into a romantic relationship, but the other person has, better if you clarify everything ahead. In that case the other person will not think they have a chance when you and not wasting time. Some people play unfair games, but this does not mean you have to do this.

  • Dating can be fun and exciting if it involves spending time with a partner, getting to know their interests and values. Assessing whether there is a strong enough connection to build a future together.

Love is a deep and profound emotion that goes beyond just physical attraction or infatuation. It involves a strong bond of trust, respect, and emotional intimacy between two people. It often involves a desire to build a life together.

  • Dating can lead to love, but keep in mind that not all dating experiences lead to a long-term relationship. It’s important to be honest with intentions and expectations and communicate openly with a partner throughout the process. Try to keep an open mind.

Building a solid foundation of communication, mutual respect, and genuine affection is crucial for a healthy and fulfilling dating, relationship, and love experience.

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