Mastering Moving to a New City Tips and Tricks I.Mastering Moving to a New City Tips and Tricks I.

We probably already moved throughout our lives several times. The author of the article moved too to Munich and Budapest, travelled to 24 countries in 3 continents, and travelling sometimes a bit like moving. Moved inside a big city like 3 times and to a smaller town too.

Having some experiences in moving and some helpful tips and tricks which can help first time or more frequent movers too to make moving more organized and less difficult. 🙂

Some people moved more while others moving less, but we can agree that moving to a big or smaller city still need careful (more or less) planning in the constantly changing world.

So I write down some idea how to master moving to new cities and some tips and tricks which make your new home feel like home fast. 🙂 Thats is important.

Moving to a new city

Research and Plan Ahead

First of all what makes it easier if you research and plan ahead about everything.

Learn more about the

  • city’s neighborhoods,
  • cost of living,
  • job opportunities,
  • transportation, and
  • amenities.

Make informed and good decisions based on your preferences and needs.

Visit Before Moving

If possible, visit the city in advance to get a feel for the place.

Visit a new city before moving there.

Explore different neighborhoods and assess if they align with your lifestyle and preferences.

Housing Search

  • Start looking for housing early.
Search housing opportunity before moving to a new city

Consider factors like proximity to

  • work,
  • public transportation,
  • safety, and
  • amenities when choosing a neighborhood.


Build your network early on.

Ask locals in bars, taxi drivers, hotel receptionists etc.

Reach out to

  • local professionals,
  • organizations, or
  • social groups in your field or interests.

Networking can help you make connections and find opportunities in your new city.

Learn About Transportation

Familiarize yourself with the

  • public transportation system,
moving to a big city
  • cycling options, and
  • driving rules.

Understand commuting times and traffic patterns to plan your daily schedule.

Purge and Pack Wisely

Get rid of items you don’t need before moving, pack efficiently and label boxes to make unpacking easier.

Set Up Essential Services

  • Arrange for utilities (electricity, water, internet),
  • notify your previous providers, and
  • set up new accounts in your new city before moving.


Create a detailed budget considering

  • housing costs,
  • utilities,
  • transportation,
  • groceries, and
  • entertainment.

Healthcare and Insurance

Register with a local healthcare provider, ensure your insurance is valid in the new area. Transfer medical records and prescriptions if necessary.

Explore and Immerse Yourself

Once you have arrived, take time to explore the city, its

  • culture,
  • attractions, and
  • local cuisine.
Explore clubs and bars.

Engage with the community to make new friends and create meaningful experiences.

Stay Safe and Organized

  • Be cautious of your surroundings, especially in unfamiliar areas. Research the crime rates and safety measures of different neighborhoods.
  • Keep important documents, contacts, and moving-related information in one easily accessible folder. Stay organized to reduce stress during the move.

Embrace Change and Be Patient

Moving to a new town, city or metropolis can be overwhelming at first. Try to move around, walk, immerse yourself in new experiences etc.

Embrace Change and Be Patient

Be patient with yourself, adapt to changes, and embrace the new opportunities and experiences.

Join Online Communities


  • local social media groups,
  • forums, or
  • apps related to your city to connect with fellow residents, ask questions, and get recommendations.

Seek Support

Reach out to

  • friends,
  • family, or
  • support groups if you need assistance or guidance during the transition.

Moving can be challenging, and having a support system can be immensely helpful.

More tips and tricks

Moreover what else could help is some practical tips and tricks what you can read in the following points:

  • Color-Code Boxes and Rooms: assign a specific color to each room and use colored tape or markers to label your moving boxes accordingly. This system makes it easy for you and your movers to know exactly where each box belongs in your new home.
  • Map Out Furniture Placement: before moving, measure dimensions of your new space and your furniture. Create a floor plan to plan where each piece of furniture will go. This saves time and avoids rearranging heavy furniture multiple times.
  • Take Photos of Electronics: before disassembling electronics like TVs, computers, and home theater systems, take photos of the connections and wires. This makes it easier to set them up correctly in your new home.
  • Prevent Spills with Plastic Wrap: unscrew the lids of toiletries and cover the openings with plastic wrap before screwing the lids back on. This prevents leaks during the move.
  • Create an Inventory Checklist: keep a detailed inventory of your belongings, especially valuable or fragile items. Note the condition of each item, which box it’s in, and where it should go in your new home. This helps keep track of your belongings during the move.
  • Book Elevators and Parking in Advance: if you’re moving to a building with elevators or restricted parking, coordinate with the building management to reserve necessary spots for your move. This ensures a smoother transition.
  • Label Cables and Wires: use colored stickers or labels to mark the cables and wires of your electronics. This makes it easier to reconnect them correctly in your new home.

Check the weather forecast for moving day. If it’s going to rain or snow, ensure you have tarps, plastic covers, and extra towels to protect your belongings.

“First day” box

Pack a box with essentials you’ll need on the first day in your new place.

Include items like

  • toiletries,
  • a change of clothes,
  • important documents,
  • snacks, and
  • basic kitchenware.

Dogs and cats 😀 (just kidding)

First day boxes for moving

This way, you won’t have to unpack everything immediately.

Moving app

Consider using a moving app to keep track of your moving process, including checklists, packing progress, and important contacts. It can help you stay organized and reduce stress.

Charity pickup

Furthermore, if you have items you no longer need or want to declutter, schedule a charity organization to pick up donations before you move. It’s a great way to give back and reduce your load.

+1. Pack a “Welcome Home” Box

Lastly, this one is my favourite 🙂 as that makes everything so familiar. Pack a box with items that make your new place feel like home, for instance

  • photos,
  • scented candles, or
When moving pack a "Welcome Home" Box
  • a cozy blanket.

Unpack this box first to create a sense of familiarity.


Some food and smoothie inspiration to try out in your first nights at your new home between 2 parties outside:

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