How to have fun?How to have fun?

Build something and you will never get bored.

Just as Musk told in a Twitter post now X tweet

How to have fun? Fun "facts" about the blogs. Boredom is not an option if you do not develop you get new ideas from the thin air.

You will never get bored, if you have a lot of ideas to implement and you have an idea regarding your goal, but you are open and creative to manage and find out more alone.

Fun “facts” about the blogs

Started with communities on Quora, I was always thinking writing a blog and had some blogs previously but not that professional. Took for a while to learn how to

  • build,
  • manage,
  • develop continuously,

even if I worked in business and IT development before in a professional environment.

Managing your own time is much more difficult than what you would think first. Much much more difficult if you build something, but learnable with time, and experience, just like architecture.

Next to this you need to have a real life and pay attention to your personal development, relationships, connections and well-being.

Even when you spean a lot professionally and you get tired, but still it feels so good as you accomplish more and more and realize more and more.

I love remote work.

Where ideas come from?

Inspiration is everything.

The best of the best that ideas come from thin air. Even though that happen it is not that easy to work on it all the time, because you need to form a bit them before integrate into to different topics, like this post, which might be not the easiest to place here, but for me it feels so good. Hopefully not that selfish from me that sometimes I allow myself to play here and there.

If you are interested about my work, well here it is.

I will update later on this topic.

So how to have fun?

With games.

Don’t worry I will tell you later this part. It is under construction.

Until that time read my Portfolio if you have time & you are curious.

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